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Increase in Filing Fee for Superior Court Civil Actions


The Georgia General Assembly enacted this year Act Number 458 (legislated as HB 851) which amends provision relating to county law libraries. The bill eliminated a previously long-standing provision that required clerks of superior court to deduct the amount payable to the county law library from the filing fee for a civil action and, therefore, upon the effective date of the act the filing fee for a superior court civil action increased by $3.00 (the amount determined by superior court judges to be collected for the local library).

The act is effective upon the governor’s signature. He signed the act into law on April 26, 2016. However, since there was no time to apprise parties filing civil actions of the increase in fee, I will not begin enforcing the provision until May 16, 2016, at which time the filing fee for a civil action in the Superior Court of Dade County will be $210.50 (which amount includes the additional $3.00 law library fee).  Also, increased by this bill is the fee for notary public, which will now be $40.00, trade names will be $160.50, and limited partnerships will be $210.00.

If you have questions, please contact me at 706-657-4778.