Dade County Clerk of Superior and Juvenile Courts

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Dade County Land Records Now Online


Real Estate records filed in Dade County are now available 24 hours each day, seven days a week, according to Superior Court Clerk Kathy Page.

Land Records Online is the updated electronic record search site for Dade County and can be accessed via the Main Menu on  Users can search, retrieve, download and print public records filed with the Clerk’s office.

This service is fully funded by both filing and user fees.  No taxpayer dollars are used to support the technology that creates or maintains Dade County Land Records Online.  The subscription and printing charges are reasonable, with various options ranging from one day access to annual rates

All the records on file at the Clerk’s office are not yet available; however, many decades of official documents have been digitized and prepared for search and retrieval. Currently both the index and images go back to 1984 and the images are scanned to 1933. There is an ongoing effort by Mrs. Page and her staff to increase the number of records available through the website.

Overall, Land Records Online is unsurpassed in low cost access to records.  The additional archival benefits also provide Dade County residents with assurance that the real estate records will be preserved. The digitization process guarantees precious records can be stored securely in a variety of ways and easily recreated in the event of a disaster.   A fire, flood, tornado or other tragedies can destroy records.  Dade County Records Online provides archival features that protect the county’s records.

With the high cost of fuel, an online solution that does not require a visit to the courthouse will save time, energy, and money.  Plus, the costs of constructing, renovating, and maintaining the facilities necessary to securely house printed and bound documents are far more expensive than using digital document technology.

Land Records Online is an optional service initiated by Kathy Page, Clerk of Superior & Juvenile Courts of Dade County. “One of my goals as Clerk is to provide as much information online as possible, thus providing the most efficient and inexpensive delivery of services to taxpayers and other customers. Those who wish to continue visiting the deed room in the courthouse remain welcome.”

For more information, contact Superior Court Clerk Kathy Page at 706-657-4778 or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .