Dade County Clerk of Superior and Juvenile Courts

P.O. Box 417 - 255 W. Crabtree Street, Suite 103, Trenton, Ga. 30752 - Phone:706.657.4778 - Fax:706.657.8284 - Jury Phone:706.657.JURY

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Juror Reporting Instructions


I am very excited about our new Jury Management Program. I want to make the juror process go as smoothly as possible for our citizens serving as jurors. Sometimes the court cases will be settled on the Friday before trials or right before the scheduled time for trials to begin.

Since this happens frequently, my office now has a Jury Hotline for the Jurors to call the Sunday prior to the start of your term after 5:30 pm and each day thereafter.

The phone number is 657-JURY (657-5879).

You will also be able to check the same information on the Clerk’s website under the Juror Final Reporting menu option. You will have a summons number located in the top right hand corner of your Jury Summons. If you need assistance concerning you number, contact Kathy Page @ 706-657-4778 or 706-657-3088 after 6:00 pm.

This service will be an asset to the jurors for saving you time and confusion during your term of court. It will also benefit the county by saving money when we don’t need but a certain number of jurors each day. I used the telephone system during our April term of court and we saved the county approximately $2500.00.

If anyone has any questions or if I may be of any assistance to you, please contact me at 657-4778.

Kathy Page
Clerk of Superior and Juvenile Courts