Dade County Clerk of Superior and Juvenile Courts

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General Duties & Responsibilities of the Clerk's Office



The Clerk of Superior Court is an elected position serving the Superior and Juvenile Courts in Dade County. The Clerk is the custodian over the land and property records as well as the civil and criminal records in the courts served.


Kathy Page Elected Chairperson of District Court Clerks’ Association


Dade County Superior Court Clerk Kathy Page was recently elected chairperson of the District 7 Superior Court Clerks’ Association and installed as a member of the Superior Court Clerks’ Association of Georgia’s board of directors.


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Kathy Page
Clerk of Courts

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Mission Statement

The Dade County Superior Court Clerk serves as the official record keeper for the Superior & Juvenile Courts. It is our mission to serve the Judicial System and the citizens of Dade County in a manner best suited to provide quality, efficient, courteous and effective service. We believe the public deserves to have employees who exemplify the highest standards for excellence, integrity and fairness.

Kathy Page
Clerk of Superior & Juvenile Court